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October 23, 2014

Salt Lake City was a dream come true

Girl Scout Ambassador Rhyan Klima and several other Girl Scout delegates from our council just got back from an exciting trip to our 53rd Girl Scout National Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. We couldn’t wait to hear about her experiences so we asked her … Continue reading »

October 20, 2014

Be an Inspiration: Invite a Friend!

You are more inspiring than you know — especially when it comes to your friends and your love of Girl Scouting! You can encourage a friend to experience for herself the same fun and fulfillment you get every time you gather your Girl Scouts! … Continue reading »

Keep Going, Keep Going, Keep Going!

“The world’s so big and we’re all so small Sometimes it feels like we can’t do anything at all But the world can be better (in spite of its flaws) The world can be better, and you’ll be the cause.” … Continue reading »

October 10, 2014

Top 5 Reasons to Join the Autumn Adventure

Autumn Adventure is “fan favorite” with our Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland volunteers! It features more than 30 workshops on everything from geocaching to starting a troop to resolving conflicts — all geared toward helping our volunteers stay sharp and learn new skills. Check … Continue reading »

October 1, 2014

Girl Scout Songs: Can You Still Sing ‘Em?

Girl Scouts have been singing together, probably since those first meetings in Savannah in 1912. We sing funny songs, hiking songs, folk, patriotic, and inspirational songs, and even the grace before meals is frequently set to music. Girl Scouts of … Continue reading »

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