Outdoor Program Facilities to Appeal to More Girls

The fall 2013 issue of The Promise featured the new camp gardens at Camps Ken-Jockety and Molly Lauman. Here is a blog post about one way the gardens enhance our outdoor programs.

Read about the first troop to stay in the yurt unit at Camp Molly Lauman.

This article from the spring/summer 2013 myGSOH highlights Troop Camping opportunities at all of our camps.

Camp Cornish preserved for Girl Scout use, re-opened in April 2013. Read the press release here.

Read a blog post from 2012 about improvements to Camp Molly Lauman.

About the GSOH Property Review

The GSOH Property Committee, council membership, Kaleidoscope inc., and our GSUSA Property Consultant went through the following process to develop the vision for programming at our council properties:

  • Conducted membership surveys and town hall meetings.
  • Visited all properties and reviewed property data; including prior Property Committee work.
  • Participated in numerous workshops to develop recommendations.
  • Reviewed survey findings and comments from Delegate Forums, property questions email and other correspondence.
  • Based on feedback received at Delegate Forums, developed final recommendations for Board approval.
  • Final decisions were shared with the membership at the May 5, 2012 Annual Meeting.

Our survey found that only 3 percent of girls attend resident camp, 15 percent of girls go troop camping, and 8 percent of girls attend day camp. Our goal is to create outdoor facilities that girls want to visit, and to increase girl participation at all of our council-owned properties. Our vision is to deliver programs girls want and need through our properties. We plan to:

  • Create AMAZING outdoor facilities designed to provide a range of activities.
  • Develop outdoor facilities that become “destinations” that capture environmental and outdoor life experiences.
  • Ensure that outdoor program centers are easily accessible to all troops within the council.
  • Design resident camp to provide a range of camp activities, with a focus on arts, horses, and water fun.

Questions or Comments

Please send any questions or comments to propertyquestions@gsoh.org.