Customize your Girl Scout experience with Pick-a-Programs! Groups of 10 to 25 girls can choose from one or more of our standard two-hour programs to fit your needs, or begin building your skills in a particular area with our Skill Builder options. Groups of fewer than 10 girls are welcome to find another group to pair up with to meet the minimum, or consider one of the many pre-scheduled program opportunities in myGSOH. Pick-a-Programs are available at all council program facilities, unless otherwise noted. Special pricing is available for service unit camporee’s.  Email Camp@gsoh.org for more information.

How to sign up: Please give us 30 days notice when requesting a program. Complete a Pick-a-Program Request Form and follow the instructions to submit. Do not send money at this time; you will receive an invoice with your placement information. After receiving your request, a staff member will contact you in order to help finalize your plans. She can provide input on what to bring and how to dress as well as verify girls’ skill levels as it relates to the Pick-a-Program(s) selected.

Note: Most Pick-a-Programs take place outdoors rain or shine and are rarely canceled due to weather. Accommodations will be made based on current conditions. Come dressed for being outside.

Cancellation and refund policy: Information about cancellations and refunds is sent in the program confirmation. Refund requests must be submitted in writing and received 15 business days or more BEFORE the event to receive a refund. Ten percent of the fee paid will be retained as a handling charge. NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED AFTER THE DEADLINE DATE.

General Pick-a-Programs

General Pick-a-Programs are two hours in length and most can be adapted for any age level. The cost is $4 per girl.

Cooperative Games: Build teamwork and cooperation through games and challenges that can be done anywhere. Develop the skills needed to accept ideas from others and foster leadership.

Aquatic Explorer: (Not available at ZSC or BT) Use nets and other tools to investigate one or more aquatic ecosystems (pond, creek, or wetland).

Discovery Walk: Take a trek through the woods with a naturalist and learn about the outside world. Practice using a field guide to identify some plants or wildlife, and use your senses to see, smell, touch, hear, and taste!

Eco Arts and Crafts: Use recycled materials, natural items, and your imagination to express yourself and your ideas. Make things you can wear home and take with you on your journey.

Geocaching: Get your hands on a GPS and learn how it works. Use it to go on a high-tech treasure hunt to locate hidden boxes all around camp. Grades 4–12.

Letterboxing: Combine navigational skills and rubber stamp artistry in an outdoor treasure hunt. Learn the skills needed to letterbox all over the world and make your own stamp.

Hike and Campfire: Enjoy a hike through camp with games and other activities, then relax around a crackling campfire. Schedule your program after dark to make it a “night hike.”

Orienteering: Practice map reading and use the compass to take bearings. Girls will then work in small groups to find your way through our orienteering course using your map reading skills.

Power Up: (This is a six-hour program.) Learn how to know bullying when you see it, and how to stop it. Power Up is a bullying prevention program focused on the kinds of bullying girls do most: excluding, ignoring, gossiping, and creating drama.

Survival Skills: Grades 4–12. Get active outdoors with some basic survival skills. Girls will learn fire building, temporary shelter construction, teamwork, problem solving, outdoor safety and more.

Wildlife Investigator: Go on a tracks and traces hike to look for signs of wildlife. See and touch real mammal pelts and other animal artifacts.

Skill Builder Pick-a-Programs

Skill builder Pick-a-Programs are only for girls in grades 4-12 and cost $6 per girl unless otherwise noted.

Archery Progression ( Not available at BT)

  • Basic Archery: Spend two hours learning the basics of archery.
  • Advanced Archery: Spend two hours refining your archery skills by playing target games like knock out, survivor, and battleship. Prerequisite: Basic Archery

Backpacking Progression

Let us provide the equipment and experienced staff to lead your troop’s backpacking adventure.

  • Orientation to Backpacking: Spend three hours learning the basics: what and how to pack, trail locations, meal planning, equipment usage, and how to put up a tent.
  • Ohio Backpacker: This beginner level backpacking trip will spend two nights in a local State Forest to put your skills to the test. Prerequisite: Orientation to Backpacking; Cost: $50 per person.
  • Advanced Backpacker: An intermediate level backpacking trip for groups ready for a 3-5 night excursion. Prerequisite: Ohio Backpacker; Cost: TBD depending on location.

Canoeing Progression (CL, K-J, ML)

Let us provide the equipment and certified staff to help your troop develop your paddling skills.

  • Intro to Canoeing: Learn the basics of canoeing, including safety and paddling strokes. Practice your skills on a lake or pond.
  • Basic Flatwater Canoeing: Travel to an Ohio lake for a larger expanse of flatwater to explore, and eat lunch at the lake. Prerequisite: Intro to Canoeing; Cost: $30 per person
  • Basic River Canoeing: Travel to a local river for the day to learn river canoe paddle strokes and maneuvers. Prerequisite: Basic Flatwater Canoeing; Cost: TBD depending on location.

Challenge Course ( Not available at BT)

Take advantage of our low ropes course to build teamwork in your troop that will last all year. Various team-centered challenges will push your group to communicate and accept ideas from others while promoting cooperation and leadership.

Outdoor Cooking Progression

  • Outdoor Cooking 1: Learn how to build a fire, cook your meal over it, and finish up with washing dishes the Girl Scout way! Bring a dip bag.
  • Outdoor Cooking 2: Build on your cooking skills by trying a new menu and adding a new piece of equipment: the Dutch Oven. This program can be repeated to try new menu options and cooking styles.
  • Outdoor Cooking 3: Grades 6-12. Expand upon your knowledge and become more adventurous in your cooking methods. Choices include bean hole, plank cooking, solar ovens, and more! Allow three or more hours.
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