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As a Girl Scout Junior, you can:J2_Dez1

Girl Scout Journeys

The Girl Scout Leadership Experience comes to life in these great new resources! In a Girl Scout Journey, awards link experiences, discussions, and ideas that you’ll explore with other Girl Scout Juniors. Visit the Girl Scout GPS or check out What GS Juniors Do for more info! You have three exciting and fun Journeys to choose from:

Agent of ChangeJ1_Cover
Power. In this Journey, there’s a whole spiral of it waiting for you. The journey is filled with ceremonies and circles, real-life heroines, and special new characters, including the fashion-savvy spider named Dez. Along the way, you will learn how your own power combines into team power and then moves out to become community power (kind of like how Dez weaves her web from the inside out). The Journey’s centerpiece is a comic story of girl heroines who will inspire you as you take action to improve your own community. You’ll earn three Girl Scout leadership awards as you enjoy the Journey: the Power of One, Power of Team, and Power of Community awards. Try two activities and peek at the Journey!

Get Moving!J2_Cover
In this Journey, you’ll build your skills as a leader who energizes, investigates, and innovates. There’s a new comic story to inspire your action and Dez is back to add some wit to your Journey as she tries to figure out “life off the grid.” From paper-making experiments to making beads to forming a human perpetual motion machine, this Journey is packed with energizing stuff to make and do! You’ll earn three Girl Scout leadership awards as you enjoy the Journey: the Energize, Investigate, and Innovate awards. Try two activities and peek at the Journey!

In this Journey, you will learn just how many roles are open to you in the world and the possibilities those roles open for you. Whether you want to fly a plane, lead a rock band, or win a gold medal, aMUSE helps you take center stage and try out more roles than you ever thought possible, with a little help from Dez. .As you find out there is more to your story, you may feel stronger, walk taller, and gain confidence! You’ll earn three Girl Scout leadership awards as you enjoy the Journey: the Reach Out!, Speak Out! and Try Out! awards. Try two activities and peek at the Journey!

The Girl’s Guide to Girl ScoutingGGGSJ
Everyone knows that Girl Scouts earn badges. But The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting has more than just exciting, new badges for every age level. Check out the Badge Explorer for a peek at the new badges! Each guide contains:

  • a colorful, easy-to-use binder specifically designed for Girl Scout Juniors. The binder comes chock full of information, activities, and colorful stickers.
  • Legacy, Financial Literacy, and Cookie Business badge activities.
  • a detailed diagram showing you where to place awards, badges, and pins with pride on your sash or vest.
  • ideas to help you tie your badge activities to Journeys.
  • vintage illustrations and quotes from Girl Scout history to help you feel connected to the proud traditions of the past.
  • an awards log, so you can see every award available to you as a Girl Scout Junior, as well as the entire badge program at every grade level so you can see how your skills will grow in Girl Scouting!

Plus, you can choose to add in a Skill Building Badge Set to enhance your Journey. Each Skill Building Badge Set includes activities to earn five brand new badges tailor-made to make your Journey experience even better! The Badge Explorer will show you which badges you can add for even more adventure.
Parents and volunteers, check out this tip sheet!

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