Senior (9-10)

As a Girl Scout Senior, you can:100_8559

Girl Scout Journeys

The Girl Scout Leadership Experience comes to life in these great new resources! In a Girl Scout Journey, awards link experiences, discussions, and ideas that you’ll explore with other Girl Scout Seniors. Visit the Girl Scout GPS or check out What GS Seniors Do for more info! You have three exciting and fun Journeys to choose from:

Girl Scout Seniors know the world is not ideal. This Journey is your chance to imagine a perfect world—for girls. You’re invited to create your vision as an art project—in any medium you choose. Then you’ll take action to make your vision a reality. Leaders, after all, are visionaries! In GIRLtopia, you have the option of earning a major award: the Visionary award. Try two activities and peek at the Journey!

Sow What?S2_Cover
Get down to the science and roots of global food issues with Sow What? Plan and conduct a local “food forage,” scope out your “food print” choices, and talk to scientists, food growers, and local business people. Along the way, you’ll experiment with new recipes and become a “locavore.” When you add Harvest, a prestigious new leadership award to your collection, you will truly be proud of what you have sown on Earth! Try two activities and peek at the Journey!

When it comes to sisterhood, what you start can spiral outward and change the world. Through Mission: Sisterhood! you will see the stories of sisterhood all around you and grow as a leader by widening your network and broadening your world. You’ll understand the power of sisterhood in your own life and in the world. When you define a sisterhood issue, create a plan for how to Take Action and put it in place, you’ll earn the prestigious Sisterhood award! Try two activities and peek at the Journey!

The Girl’s Guide to Girl ScoutingGGGSS
Everyone knows that Girl Scouts earn badges. But The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting has more than just exciting, new badges for every age level. Check out the Badge Explorer for a peek at the new badges! Each guide contains:

  • a colorful, easy-to-use binder specifically designed for Girl Scout Seniors. The binder comes chock full of information and activities.
  • Legacy, Financial Literacy, and Cookie Business badge activities.
  • a detailed diagram showing you where to place awards, badges, and pins with pride on your sash or vest.
  • ideas to help you tie your badge activities to Journeys.
  • vintage illustrations and quotes from Girl Scout history to help you feel connected to the proud traditions of the past.
  • an awards log, so you can see every award available to you as a Girl Scout Senior, as well as the entire badge program at every grade level so you can see how your skills will grow in Girl Scouting!

Plus, you can choose to add in a Skill Building Badge Set to enhance your Journey. Each Skill Building Badge Set includes activities to earn five brand new badges tailor-made to make your Journey experience even better! The Badge Explorer will show you which badges you can add for even more adventure.
Parents and volunteers, check out this tip sheet!

Girl Scout Delegate Advisory Council (GS Seniors and Ambassadors)

This is a unique leadership opportunity! Girls meet quarterly and participate in a variety of leadership building activities throughout the year. Applications for the 2015 Girl Scout Delegate Advisory Council will be available at fall delegate forum meetings.

Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland asks girls 14 years or older to apply to serve as board members (two needed) and member-at-large delegates (10 needed). These girls will serve on our Girl Scout Delegate Advisory Council. Applications for these positions, to be elected at Annual Meeting in April 2015 will be posted this fall.

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