2015-16 Rally Patch

2015 Fall Product Rally

2015-16 Rally Patch


Reach new heights in the 2015-16 membership year by participating in our Fall Product Program. Attending our rally will allow girls to learn about the products, helpful strategies, and have fun learning through crafts and games!

Each girl attending will receive a 2014-15 rally patch.
When: Sunday, September 20th, 2015
Time: 3:00-5:00pm
Where: Camp Ken-Jockety
Cost: $5 per person

Deadline to register: Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015

If you are interested in hosting your own Fall Product Rally, feel free to use our Rally Guide!

2015 Fall Product Program Rally Guide

2015-16 Fall Product Theme Patch

2015-16 Direct Mail


To receive the 2015-16 Theme Patch complete all three of the following patches. Plus, when you have earned all of the patches, they all fit together like the picture above!

1. Reach New Heights

Reach New Heights

Girls selling 12 or more candy/nut products.

2. Be Spotacular

Be Spotacular


Sell 3 or more magazine subscriptions.

3. Online Program

Encourage your Girl Scout to participate in the online email program! With an easier registration process, it will be a fun program for girls to learn marketing skills and is a great way for them to “reach new heights” with the program.

By setting goals, monitoring their sales and sending emails for magazine orders and online nut promises, girls are learning the necessary skills to take their Fall Product business to the next level. Simply register to sell QSP magazines, send 12 emails, and earn the Online patch!

It’s easy to register! Girls and their guardians will go to the Product Program page of the GSOH website, gsoh.org, and click on the Big Online Program Button link and follow the steps! Super simple…no organization codes AND you can sign up more than one girl per email!


Stellar Seller Club

Stellar Seller Patch Design-01

What can a girl do? Become a Stellar Seller! Girls who sell $800 or more in combined sales will become members of this elite club. Members will receive an invitation to the council Stellar Seller Celebration in late spring 2016.

Goal Achiever Patch

Goal Achiever

Girls selling $400 or more in magazines and/or product can earn this patch.

100 Club Patch

100 Club

100% troop participation in the Fall Product Program.

Mag Super Seller Patch

Mag Super Seller

Each Girl Scout in your troop who completes the following 3 easy steps, will receive a Mag Super Seller Patch!

1. Sign up to participate in our online program!
2. Send 24 emails
3. Sell a minimum of $100 in QSP magazine subscriptions.

Share Program


The Share program helps customers, who may not be interested in purchasing a product for themselves, purchase an item to send to those serving our country in the military. There is a “Military Nuts” column on the order card to record each $5 donation. Girls will earn the 2015 Share Patch with three Military Nut orders. Girls will not receive these products, instead they will be shipped directly to the military organization Operation Troop Aid.