Service projects vs. Take Action projects

When you serve your community, you help to address an immediate need. When you take action, you team up with others in an effort to solve a problem and create lasting change. Taking action can happen in many ways—from fixing up an animal shelter to creating a center where children who need tutoring can always get it.

When you take action, you:

  • seek to understand the cause of the problem.
  • decide upon the scale and scope of your project—based on a realistic assessment of your resources.
  • enlist others from the community to get involved.

In other words, service makes the world better for some people “right now.” Taking action makes the world better for more people for a much longer time. The world clearly needs both, and Girl Scouts enjoy serving their communities in many ways.


While you may like the idea of being a leader, you may not be sure you have what it takes to be one. Girl Scouts gain leadership skills by participating, from the earliest Daisy meetings through the attainment of the Girl Scout Gold Award, in activities which are girl-led, and hands-on. We give you the chance to develop into the the kind of leader you want to be, the kind of leader our world needs. Whatever your leadership goals, we have the programs and experiences to help you achieve them.

Check out our Community Service page for ways to serve both within Girl Scouts and the wider community. Explore your options to help plan events on our Girl Committees page. Discover the leadership awards you can earn while mentoring younger girls on the Teen Mentoring page. Above all, know that you are making the world a better place each time you step up to give service or lead others to be and give their best. Thank you!